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Local Road Routes

Everyone has their favorite road routes, so we'll only focus on a few noteworthy climbs, descents, or scenic routes. These routes are provided as-is and are only intended to provide ideas for planning future rides. Any parking areas near the start/stop are purely coincidental.

These routes may or may not be official "bike routes." Be safe on any roads.

Climb-Crawford Road (2.4 miles)
Freshly paved in 2020! The Strava Segment reports 945 feet over 2.08 miles, but the full climb is 1053 feet when you start from route 5. There are a lot of climbs in this Route 5/5S corridor, but this is the biggest.
    Climb/Scenic-Thacher Park (7.4 miles)  ?
    There can be a lot of tourist traffic on this road, so descending might be a little safer than ascending. Look at the next climb below...that climb is safer but harder. If riding this route in either direction, be sure to stop at the overlook.
      Climb-Thacher-bigger (3.73 miles)
      The Strava Segment reports 1161 feet of elevation gain over 3.73 miles. Be sure to go to the top of Pinnacle road so it counts! While at the top of the mountain, head over to the Thacher Park overlook as it's only a few miles out of the way.
        Climb-Cass Hill Road (3.9 miles)
        The author is unfamiliar with this climb, but has seen it mentioned numerous times. Here's the full Strava Segment though there are multiple segments.
          Climb/Descent-Lake Desolation (3.73 miles)
          The Strava Segment reports 989 feet of elevation gain over 4.5 miles. If you happen to glance down the power lines on the ride up, you might see a very narrow view. At the top, there's a lake just a few feet from the road, but no scenic overlook. If you continue for another 2 miles after the segment, you'll find another 200 feet of elevation gain before reaching a soft dirt road. Be safe on the descent! You can get good and fast especially one of the straight sections.
          Climb-Mount McGregor (2 miles)  ?
          About 675 feet of climbing over 2 miles. Verify the hours of the facility before visiting. Although the grounds are open for free, there is a gate part of the way up the hill that may be closed. Mt McGregor has a cabin which Ulysses S. Grant lived at for a few weeks. Also at the top is a former Sanitorium/Correctional facility. At the top there is a scenic overlook, but you need to go down a narrow paved path, which cannot be navigated with walkers also on the path; it might be difficult for some to clip in at the bottom before starting back up.
            Descent-Swart Hill Road (1.9 miles)
            Although there are a lot of climbs in this corridor, not all are safe for descending. This one is 400 feet over 1.9 miles. Be careful on any descents, but especially this one which ends at a stop sign before a high traffic roadway.
              Scenic-Saratoga Lake (7.4 miles)
              Frequent views of the lake. The road is narrow so be sure to pick a safe time.
                Scenic-Stillwater to Schuylerville (30.0 miles)
                This route has a few nice views of the Hudson river, crossing on a footbridge into Hudson Crossing Park (lock C-5), a short hill to the Saratoga monument, then back on a flat route the other side of the Hudson. Maybe add a detour into the Saratoga Battlefield.
                  Scenic-Stillwater to Bennington VT (59.7 miles)
                  This route has views of the Hoosic river, numerous covered bridges, and a short climb to the Bennington monument. There is a 1/2 mile section of dirt road on the way to Vermont, but the rest is paved. Verify hours of the canal lock before planning to stop there.