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Local Bike Paths

Here are a few noteworthy paths in the area, which are at least 2.5 miles (5 round trip).

Be sure to research parking areas further as some may have specific hours and be gated outside of those hours.

This information is provided for reference only. Be sure to plan your own route. The distance marked here is only one direction, so don't forget the return ride!

Erie Canalway Trail (East) (90.5 miles)  ?  f
The Erie Canalway trail starts in Buffalo and ends in Albany. There are many sections on roads, but the road sections are much smaller east of Little Falls. There is about a 3 mile unpaved section east of Fultonville as of 9/2019. If you ride on the street, be aware that some are one-way only so this map may not work. See the individual sections below for the bigger trail-only sections and parking information or check out this awesome map!
    Erie Canalway (Little Falls to Pattersonville) (49.7 miles)
    The author can only comment on points east of Fort Plain. The path goes on a few sidewalks in Canajoharie. East of Fultonville, there is about a 3 mile unpaved section as of 9/2019, but it was navigable on a road bike with 28mm tires. There are plans to connect the trail between Pattersonville and Rotterdam Junction.
    Mohawk Hudson Bike Trail (Rotterdam Junction to SCCC) (5.6 miles)  ?  f
    Lots of nice views of the river & lock 8. There are plans to connect the trail between Pattersonville and Rotterdam Junction, which would effectively extend this section by 50 miles!
    Mohawk Hudson Bike Trail (Schenectady to Cohoes) (19.6 miles)  ?  f
    Views of the river at a few points including Lock 7 park. There is a 0.5 mile stretch on roadways under the twin bridges, but traffic is limited.
    Mohawk Hudson Bike Trail (Watervliet to Albany) (5.5 miles)  ?  f
    Although paved, this is a very bumpy route on narrow tires at moderate speeds. However, it goes through the corning preserve and ends at the U.S.S. Slater. As of July 2020, there is a connector path between the southern end of this path and the Albany County Rail Trail.
    Albany County Rail Trail (Albany to Voorheesville) (9.0 miles)  ?  f
    Fully paved from Albany to Voorheesville. Views of the Normans Kill gorge near the Albany end. As of July 2020, there is a connector path between this path and the Mohawk-Hudson Bike path.
    Old Champlain Canal Trail (Waterford) (7.3 miles)  ?  f
    This path parallels the old Champlain canal in Waterford/Halfmoon, with a section passing Erie Canal Lock E-2. This path is mostly stone dust with occasional sections of other material (paved, course gravel, natural). In Waterford, you may want to walk your bike across the lock, or take the long way around and go up the hill along the Champlain canal sidecut. Traditional road bikes are not recommended.
    Zim Smith Trail (Ballston Spa to Mechanicville) (11.3 miles)  ?  f
    Updated in 2020! Now fully paved and extended 2.4 miles to the village of Mechanicville! More parking, too! This path starts on Ballston Spa village streets and ends in Mechanicville village streets. This is a great connector trail between various communities. The most unique aspect of this path are the "fence tunnels" when you travel through the Fairways of Halfmoon golf course in Mechanicville.
    Ballston Bicycle Path (Ballston Lake) (3.4 miles)
    All paved with the exception of about 30 feet as of 3/2020. No views of the lake unless you ride down the hill at Outlet road, which can have a lot of traffic.
    Vischer Ferry Trail (Clifton Park) (5.9 miles)  ?  f
    This trail parallels much of the old Erie canal, with a few views of the Mohawk river. West of Ferry Drive (1.2 miles), the path is mostly packed dirt/rocks and ends with a hill at the power plant. East of Ferry Drive (4.7 miles), the path is gravel (stone dust) and ends at the twin bridges. If you want to extend the ride from the twin bridges and don't mind 0.9 miles of road riding, hook up with the Crescent Park Trail.
    Railroad Run/Spa Park (Saratoga) (3.1 miles)  f
    The author has only ridden on the railroad run section of path when flowers were blooming.
      Warren County Bikeway (9.4 miles)  ?  f
      All paved. Around the halfway point here is a 1.6 mile section on public roadways, but the traffic is light or the shoulder is wide. There are a lot of street crossings east of Bay Road in Glens Falls.
      Uncle Sam Bikeway (Troy) (3.1 miles)  f
      The author is unfamiliar with this trail but has driven by it. Based on limited parking options and other factors I wouldn't go out of my way to use this path unless you live in Troy, but please correct me if I am wrong.
      Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville Rail Trail (7.9 miles)
      The author is unfamiliar with this trail or if additional legal parking exists.